Reut Group / Reut Institute in Israel

I founded Reut in 2004 to create and scale innovative solutions to problems facing my country and the Jewish People, and to make a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. 

Reut’s work covers national security, economic development and Israel-World Jewry relations. It combines cutting edge methodologies of research and strategy and leadership. 

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TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers

TOM is a global venture inspired by a bold vision of helping 250 million people and by the motto: Affordable and Accessible for Anyone Anywhere. TOM creates and disseminates solutions for vulnerable populations. 

TOM is my primary platform for humanitarian work in Israel, within Jewish communities and internationally, and for humanitarian diplomacy. 

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Flexigidity is a portmanteau word that combines flexibility and rigidity. It is the title of my book that describes the secret sauce of Jewish resilience, recurring prosperity and leadership, uniquely blending new and old, innovation and tradition, rigidities and flexibilities. 

Flexibility is my platform for leading on issues of world Jewry. 

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Reut USA

I co-founded Reut USA to bring the benefits of Reut Israel to America, and to support the work of Reut in Israel. Since 2014, Reut USA houses TOM Global and TOM USA.

As of 2023, Reut USA and Reut Israel, along with TOM Global and TOM Israel, share operational logic through tight coordination.  

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TOMIC, Impact Labs, XLN & C-IDEA

I imagined a national and global center for innovation in assistive technologies. This idea began as XLN (2012) and C-IDEA (2013), and then morphed into Impact Labs (2017), which served as TOM’s lead makerspace, now a for-profit venture. 

In June 2023, we launched TOM Innovation Center in Tel-Aviv as the R&D hub of the global TOM Movement.

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Leapfrog Center

The ISRAEL 15 Vision inspired the work of Reut regarding Israel’s long-term economic and social development nationally and regionally. 

The Leapfrog Center was the platform for effectuating this vision particularly in the Western Galilee, in partnership with Raya Strauss Ben-Dror, and in the Negev. 

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Government of Israel

I served in the Bureau of Prime Minister Ehud Barak from 1999 to 2001 as secretary and coordinator of the delegation for the negotiations with the PLO on the Permanent Status Agreement. 

I was the youngest person in the “room where it happened” including at the famous Camp David negotiations

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Economic Cooperation Foundation

The ECF – from 1995 to 1999 – was my entry into the world of track-two diplomacy, peace-making and non-profits. I began with leading a project on “economic peace” and evolved to orchestrating massive policy-planning exercises on Israeli-Palestinian permanent status. In 1999, I was recruited to the Government of Israel.  

The story of my time at the ECF is captured in chapters 1-2 of (In)Sights.

Taglit-Birthright Israel

In 1995, I formed the Israeli team that co-designed Taglit-Birthright Israel based on the vision of Dr. Yossi Beilin. Led by Avraham Infeld and with American partners, our work shaped the most significant Jewish project of our time. 

In 1999, we handed our work to the nascent Taglit Birthright Israel Team. 

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Yesodot (Foundations)

In 2001, I co-founded Yesodot to lead efforts to reform Israel’s electoral system by establishing that the head of the largest party should automatically be declared prime minister. 

Today, this approach is widely accepted. Alas, that long-awaited reform is still in abeyance. 

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Nurturing Leadership

Inspiring and supporting Israeli, Jewish and global leaders is a primary goal of my work in Reut and TOM since their inception by offering them formative personal and professional experiences during their time of service with our teams. 

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Tikkun Olam in the 21st Century

The quest to be a model society that contributes to humanity is central in Israel’s ethos. Hence, 21CTO focuses on making Israeli society more just and on making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. 

Our primary focus is social innovation and frugal innovation for vulnerable communities. Our flagship project is TOM, aiming to help 250 million people.

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The ISRAEL 15 Vision

The Israel 15 Vision calls for Israel to become one of the 15 leading countries in terms of quality of life. It requires a social and economic ‘leapfrog’ and envisions ‘inclusive prosperity’. 

This ISRAEL 15 Vision guided my and Reut’s efforts on national and regional economic development and inspired TOM, XLN, the Leapfrog Center, Israel 2021 and our work in the Western Galilee and Western Negev.

National Security

Israel was envisioned, created and developed as the nation-state of the Jewish People with the mission of ensuring its continued and significant existence. That ethos – requiring a unique hybrid of Jewishness and democracy – inspired the Zionist movement and my life-long mission. 

The effort of national security brings together my work on Israel’s fundamental legitimacy, relations with world Jewry, 21st Century Tikkun Olam, Sections III and IV of Flexigidity, and key chapters in (In)Sights

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Israel’s International Standing

Israel’s international stature is unique in that Israel still fights for its fundamental legitimacy and its connection with world Jewry. 

Hence, this effort focuses on fighting the delegitimization of Israel while strengthening relations around the world.

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Relations with World Jewry

I believe that Israel’s mission is to serve the continued significant existence of the Jewish People, and that a strong relationship between Israel and world Jewry, particularly American Jewry, is vitally important for both sides. 

These topics have been central to my work through the Reut Group, TOM and other initiatives. It is also at the center of Flexigidity. 

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Israel and the Palestinians

Israel’s relations with the Palestinians is of crucial importance to the future of Israel and the Jewish People. Between 1995 and 2001, I worked on many aspects of these relations, initially at the ECF and then in the bureau of PM Barak, where I was the secretary and coordinator of the Israeli Delegation.   

Henceforth, Reut provided pathbreaking thinking about the condition and direction of the peace process. And in 2023, I published (In)Sights: Peacemaking in the Oslo Process.

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Resilience refers to the ability of societies to transcend crises while protecting lives and remaining loyal to core values. 

Following the 2006 Second Lebanon War, Reut offered a comprehensive framework for Israel’s resilience that is built bottom-up through communities, and then worked to effectuate it.    

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Israel’s Governance / Electoral Reform

A great system of government is vital for Israel’s wellbeing. In 2001, I concluded that we need a ‘simple’ change: the head of the largest party should become the premier. Now, this is a common view. 

I then founded Yesodot (foundations) to lead and support Israel’s electoral reform and remained involved for years. Still waiting… 

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My first book, Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability and the Challenge and Opportunity Facing Israel, explores the condition and direction of the Jewish People. It  exposes the “secret sauce” of Jewish resilience, recurring prosperity and permanent leadership in humanity, which is the unique way in which Jewish society blends old and new, tradition and innovation, rigidities and flexibilities to optimize the pace of our societal adaptation. Hence, Flexigidity explains why one of the few certainties about humanity in 500 years is that there will be Jews lighting ‘Shabbat candles’ on Mars. 

Flexigidity is the summary of my personal journey and effort to “make sense” of the Jewish People. It is the intellectual foundation for my love for the Jewish People and for being Jewish. It brings together lessons from visiting near and far communities across the religious and political spectrum; from spending time with leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, colleagues and family; and from a lot of reading. 

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My second book – (In)Sights: Peacemaking in the Oslo Process Thirty Years and Counting – is co-authored with Prof. Ari Afilalo. Ambassador Dennis Ross wrote that (In)Sights is “…the single best book for understanding the outstanding issues…” and Gaith Al-Omari said that it was “…a fair representation of the Palestinian perspective…”. 

(In)Sights was published in September 2023, thirty years after the signing of the first Oslo Accord in 1993. With the goal of supporting future peace negotiations, (In)Sights is uniquely structured to cover the key outstanding issues between Israel and the PLO, intertwining my personal experiences with essential knowledge and broader lessons. 

I dedicated seven years of my career to peacemaking. From 1995 to 1999, I was part of the ECF, working for peace in a non-governmental environment. In the following two years, until March 2001, I worked at the office of the prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, as secretary of the Israeli delegation for the Camp David negotiations with the PLO. The highlight of that period was the Camp David summit in July 2000 with President Clinton, Chairman Arafat, and Prime Minister Barak. 

During these intense negotiations I wore different hats as negotiator, a drafter of the agreement, and policy advisor. So, while many of my stories are personal, they illuminate systemic issues and highlight recurring topics.

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